Friday, April 17, 2015


I've become a lazy blogger and resorted to this:

Crossing out the shit I've done

Upping the font size of shit I'm about to do

Graduated high school. Kissed someone. | Collected something really stupid. Smoked a cigarette| Got so drunk you passed out. | Gone to a rock concert.Helped someone. | Gone fishing. | Watched four movies in one nightGone long periods of time without sleep. | Lied to someone. | Snorted cocaine. | Failed a class. | Smoked weed|Dealt drugs. | Been in a car accident| Been in a tornado. | Been to a funeral| Burned yourself (this is a hilarious story please remind me to tell it to you someday.) | Ran a marathon| Cried yourself to sleep. | Spent over $200 in one day. | Flown on a plane. | Cheated on someone (does someone cheating with you count?) | Been cheated on. | Written a 10 page letter. | Gone skiing. | Been sailing| Had a best friend. | Lost someone you loved. | Shoplifted something. | Been to jail. | Dangerously close to being in jail. | Had detention. | Got in trouble for something you didn’t do| Stolen books from the library. OH MY GOSH I'M NOT THE ONLY DEGENERATE SOUL THAT DOES THIS? Gone to a different country. | Dropped out of school| Watched the “Harry Potter” movies. | Had an online diary. Hey guys | Had a yard sale. | Had a lemonade stand. | Actually made money at the lemonade stand. Been in a school play. | Been fired from a job. | Swam with dolphins. | Taken a lie detector test. I probably dreamed this one up but I feel I have. | Voted for someone on a reality TV show| Written poetry| Read more than 20 books a year. What if I generally read more than 40 books a year. | Gone to Europe| Loved someone you shouldn’t have. Most of us could say so much about this one we just don't. | Used a coloring book over age 12| Had surgery. | Had stitches| Taken a taxi. | Seen the Washington Monument. | Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once. | Overdosed. |Been in a fist fight/split one up. | Gone surfing in California. | Had a hamster/guinea pig. | Pet a wild animal. | Used a credit card| Did “spirit day” at school. | Dyed your hair. | Got a tattoo. | Got straight A’s. | Been on the Honor Roll. | Know someone with HIV or AIDS. |Made out with someone. | Played on a sports team. | Snuck out of the house. | Swore at a teacherGone laser tagging| Had a romantic relationship| Been on the TV. | French braided| Skinny-dipped. | Driven a car. | Performed in front of an audience| Gone bungee-jumping. | Been to Mexico. | Crashed a car. | Sky dived. | Been kissed in the rain. |Made an 11:11 wish| Drank alcohol. Ok so I'm like CURRENTLY drinking alcohol. Made a mistake. You mean like been human?

So my life apparently has been pretty interesting. Shouldn't be able to complain.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

The One on Age

My hair and its playmate, Wind.

I know that I'm getting older because:

  • One of my front teeth is chipped.
  • I debate internally whether my hair deserves swimming pool chlorine or not before jumping in.
  • The sea is too cold, even for my toes.
  • My nails are way weaker than they used to be.
  • If I sleep for more than eight hours straight, it's an achievement.
  • Mixing sodas at Chuck E. Cheese now seems insane.
  • I no longer get waffles with Nutella at breakfast buffets.
  • I haven't danced alone in my room since who knows when.
  • Imaginary friends are a thing of the past
  • I'm studying to be the hum-drum lawyer I never wanted to be.
Yet I also know that I'm getting older because now I know that:

  • Saying sorry to end a fight is not a hit on your pride, it's a hit on sources of misery.
  • A party won't change your life.
  • You can fall in love, but if you're falling in love too often, it's probably not love and you'll get over it.
  • In general, boyfriends are overrated.
  • You know what's not overrated? Mothers and good friends.
  • How you dress is only important if you like how you dress.
  • Fruit is actually ten times more delightful than waffles with nutella.
  • Never take a class during Friday afternoon because Friday afternoons are the best moment of the week.
  • You're allowed to be imperfect, but that's your own secret with yourself and it's okay if nobody else understands.
  • The people you surround yourself with are also allowed to be imperfect.

I am in love with the new granny-hair trend, because, if anything, aging is beautiful as long as you accept it.

(Says the 19-year-old girl, but whatever.)

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Mark of our Ages

Music has the quality of transporting us to the time when we listened to it the most.

What were you listening to in...

1st grade- Ketchup
2d grade- La Oreja de Van Gogh
3d grade- Juanes
4th grade- Greenday
5th grade- Evanescence and High School Musical (seriously)
6th grade- Kanye West
7th grade- Nickelback
8th grade- The Ramones
9th grade- Bossa Nova in general
10th grade- Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire
11th grade- Jorge Drexler
12th grade- Electronic and dubstep.

And now what I will listen to in college is posed as a question...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Cornucopia of Beautiful Words

I am philologist. Philologist: (obsolete) a lover of learning and literature. Or, perhaps, if I could invent a word, I would call myself a lexophile. Lexo: word. Phile: Love.

And thus, with that introduction under way, let me explain:

As you guys have effusively recommended me to do, I am reading The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. Unfortunately, it hasn't enthralled me as Middlesex did, but oh, well. At least the writing is exquisite. And I've learned a few new words:

Phantasmagoria: a sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream.

Denude: strip (something) of its covering, possessions, or assets.

Brite: a British person.

Monolithic: formed of a single large block of stone. (Of a building) very large and characterless. // (Of an organization or system) large, powerful, indivisible, and slow to change.

Geriatric: relating to old people, especially with regard to their health care.

Averred: (formal) state or assert to be the case. 

Catatonia: (psychiatry) abnormality of movement and behaviour arising from a disturbed mental state (typically schizophrenia). 

Succubus: a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.

Paltry: (of an amount) very small or meagre.

Bowdlerize: remove material that is considered improper or offensive form (a text or account), especially with the result that the text becomes weaker or less effective.

Kook: a mad or eccentric person.

Polymath: a person of wide knowledge or learning.

Zeugma: a figure of speech in which a word applies to two others in different senses.

Prescience: the fact of knowing something in advance; foreknowledge.

Cursory: hasty and therefore not thorough or detailed.

Beauts. Could send cryptic messages of SOS to my adoring neighbours, as the Lisbon sisters did, with them.
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