Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome: Travel Month!

Today I'm leaving on a month-long study trip which includes a week in Poland, and three in Israel. After that I will be travelling with my family to Easter Island, followed by a week in Tahiti. I'm not lying or trying to stick the fact that  my life is fabulous in your face (I'm having translation problems here, aaaaa native Spanish speaker problems.) It's just that, well, my life will be a little bit surreal in the next following weeks. Okay, fine, fabulous.

Because of thiiiis I had to schedule a BUNCH of posts (am scheduling a bunch of posts, because you might have gathered that this one is also scheduled). And because no blogger can create a month and a half's worth of interesting blogging content out of the top of their heads, I introduce, Travel Month! A month intended to spur your wanderlust and hate for me (I have been lucky enough to travel a lot in my meager seventeen years.) The Phony Sundays will be pictures of whatever I did during the current week, (which will be, you guessed it, travel) I will be posting pictures of trips I've taken with my family before, scrapbook layouts, travel notebooks, etcetera.

To start Travel Month, and in honor of my not-so-future trip to Israel, here are some pictures I took on my first and last trip to Israel, about three years ago:

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