Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ghandi and His Fundamentals and My Room

The other day I found this:

magical internet
I took the idea and made it my own!

People my age generally fill their room with crap, because we are finding ourselves and hiding at the same time, and we do both by pasting and writing all over our walls. I like this Ghandi poster I made because a lot of what we showcase in our rooms is inspiration along the lines of "Colour my life with the chaos of trouble" and "Search for the ridiculous" and "Rebel Against the Obvious." These quotes are cool in all that "I'm tough" way that supposedly makes you cool.

 (Because I am SOOO tough.)

But sometimes, to have something truly inspiring, something beyond neat phrases on there, is nice.
Especially if it's something by Gandhi. (Has anyone noticed how hip Gandhi is getting as of late? I've seen him on a lot of t-shirts. Nice thing to know that the world is spinning the right direction.)

Maybe having the 10 Fundamentals there will help me change the world, right?

What is the fundamental that is most important for you?

P.S. I'm sorry about the crappy pictures.

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