Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Teacher Figure

I've been thinking about the prospect of becoming a teacher for a while now. I mean, most practical writing-people who have the desire to study literature or any other flimsy career like that have to consider it at some point, right?

And I think I would enjoy it.

As of late I've been observing my teachers, characterizing them in my head. They're delightfully varied characters, with distinguishing marks in which I delight.

  • My Spanish teacher is my favorite. She's an enthusiastic, passionate 30-something year old, with a violent eye for humor and irony. She's also open to the world as few people are, knowledgeable in every field one can imagine, from folk music to history. And she loves it all. She loves knowledge like a prisoner loves liberty, and she transmits this through her vivacious classes, with never a dull moment when her fluid and embellished conversation can fill it up.
  • My English teacher has short, straight hair, a gap between her teeth, a British accent, and a pair of small, loony black eyes. I've seen her wear the same clothes two days in a row many times. But even though at first sight one laments the fact that she's going to teach us English for a year, after a few weeks the feeling evaporates. She, too, is passionate for books and what books can teach us. Showing us videos online of beautiful poetry, intellectual seminars, movie clips that have everything to do with the book we're currently reading and makes us understand that "Oh, maybe that is what life really is about."
  • My History teacher is a short, pretty lady who must have a closet bigger than my house. I've never seen her wear the same clothes, nor the same combination of colors. For this hippie at heart makes a point of wearing every color of the rainbow at the same time in every one of her outfits. But she's tolerant, open-minded, knowledgeable, and insightful.
  • I hate my Math teacher so let us not talk about her.
  • My college-admissions exam teacher is witty, funny, happy, youthful, very smart, very knowledgeable, he talks two hundred miles a minute. I at times want to hate him because everybody loves him too much, but it's impossible to hate someone who hates nobody.
  • My Biology teacher is a prim, pretty woman of about 40. She constantly uses examples in class about height, about how she's short and someone else is tall. Dresses to prim perfection, talks to prim perfection, and gives a perfectly prim (see: boring) class, but it's okay. She's not at all as mean as she appears to be at first.

And if I didn't remember a teacher by now that's because they weren't worth writing about.

Have a nice day,

Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday 11

My cousin Sofía. Rather, my sister Sofía. Obviously, we've been working out together for a long time now.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

John Green as my Pen Pal

It's probably ridiculous to write a letter to such a popular writer.

But we do a whole lot of ridiculous things in life, because, in poetic terms, they're "cathartic." In real terms, they're fun.

It's fun to stand at the back of a pick-up truck while listening to Asleep and driving through a tunnel. It's fun to make out with vampires. It's fun to go searching for Horcruxes and save the world from impending evil.

Okay, who knows.

But it is cathartic to ask for advice and outpour your grievances onto someone you know to be wise and  possibly god-like. (Although, as The Fault in our Stars should have taught us, this is not necessarily the case!) And, as much as I wish I followed my Hipster Bible's commandments and pretended disdain over a popular YA author, I love John Green. Not as much as JK Rowling, but getting there.

It was soothing to tell him that I want to be an author, yet see no hope for myself. It was soothing to tell him that I feel stuck in 17, that it's an age where I'm not permitted to do all the things that I want to do. Because I want to do EVERYTHING, just to know, and maybe if I know, I'll have something worthwhile to write about.

And I haven't even mailed it yet. But that's not the point.

I doubt John Green was going to read it anyways.


Once upon a beautiful time, I had a fisheye lens. I adored my fisheye lens. And then I lost the connector ring, and bought another fisheye lens, but this came without a connector ring, so I bought connector rings, but they didn't match up with my camera. Now I just have two useless fisheye lenses, and a bunch of useless connector rings.

Ah, for the fisheye époque.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Literary Crush: Dorothy Parker

A few years ago, while going through a bout of Dorothy Parker fever, I created the mess of a page showcased above, in hopes that the paper shrine would soothe my fever.

Unfortunately, it didn't.

Or should I rather say fortunately, because this witty, sarcastic, BRILLIANT woman has been an inspiration to me for a few years now. Not only is she an amazing poet and writer, but was also a beautiful advocate of equality and tolerance, whether she wanted it or not, in an age where women couldn't even vote! (At least, in Chile they couldn't. I'm not really sure when women's suffrage was legalized in the US.)

And she did this all without losing the spark of honesty and realism that characterizes her work. She writes about her flaws and romantic misadventures with all the zest of Adele but with all the brilliant sarcasm of a stand-up comedian. I believe that figures such as Tina Fey or Ellen deGeneres are modern commercial copies of what is this brilliant model, Dorothy Parker. Yet nothing can dream of attempting to overshadow the original.

I love you, Dorothy Parker. I love your poems and I love your stories, but above all else, I love you, the character that exists in my mind and hopefully once did in reality too, of a powerful, smart, honest woman.

I can only hope to have you as a friend when I close my eyes at night, but regardless, thank you for being such a great mentor!

Typed "Dorothy Parker" into Google images and got too many amazing pictures to choose just one.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Wuv You Nats

Nats was my best friend for what seemed like an infinite number of years. (But, in reality, were a couple of years too few.) She still is one of my besties, even though I see her about 10 times a year at best.

Love is a nice thing to feel for such a cool person.

Instaxes As of Late

Or, rather, from January and February. My life was more interesting then.

If I were to waste Instaxes on my life now they would include a lot of Don Quixote, of the gym, of WWI, of running around, driving classes. Going mad, basically.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Lollapalooza 2013 in 20 Points

While the civilized world enjoys Coachella, I relive my pretty and cute Lollapalooza moments. Which is fine by me, because I feel like no Coachella can deal with MY Lolla! 'Tis the merriest time of year.

If I could summarize Lollapalooza 2013 in 20 points, what would I say?

  1. I took a brand new disposable camera, so I had 30 potential amazing pictures to take. On Sunday afternoon, 25 pictures down the line, I looked for my camera to take a picture of the sunset against Franz Ferdinand, and realized that my camera had dissappeared. My only hope is that whoever finds it will have the brilliance to develop my precious moments, and treasure them as snapshots of insight into a stranger's life. For now, I only have pictures of the festival taken from a friend's point-and-shoot, pictures such as this:
  2. I am in love with Of Monsters and Men. (I'm 17, okay? I'm allowed to express deep feelings for yet another band.) The lead female singer is gorgeous and cute and the lead male singer is adorable. Their interaction with the public was fantastic. I used to like their music. Now I sorta need it, especially on bad days.
  3. The last concert on the last day: The Black Keys. My best friend and I were the only ones who cared to see this Great. So we left all the rest of the techno lovers (boo for them), and ran to a crowd of thousands and thousands of people, pushing our way through. WE GOT TO THE FRONT LINE. That's a lot of pushing. (And a lot of love.) I took this picture on Instagram:
    I found this picture on Tumblr, but it was actually taken at this Lollapalooza.

    By the way, I'm never marrying if I'm not marrying Nick McCarthy.
  5. I lost the half of my group of friends that wanted to see Franz Ferdinand just like four minutes before the show, so I went ALONE. Alone yet surrounded by thousands and thousands and thousands of people. AND IT WAS WORTH IT. By far my favorite show. My feet still hurt from all that dancing and my throat's still sore from all that singing/shouting. And it is worth it.
  6. There was this point during the Ferdinand show, where they ALL started playing the drum set. It was magic, I'm telling you. Magic. (I normally say these angsty phrases with a sarcastic undertone but this one has none. It really was magic. Especially Nick Mccarthy. God, that's what he is. A black haired, guitar playing, sexy god.)
  7. Mosh pits? Are fun ways to get the bruises that complete your Outsiders outfit.
  9. I felt sweaty all day, and suspect that only 26% of that sweat was actually mine.
  10. I wanted to see The Temper Trap and saw Two Door Cinema Club instead. Which was fine. 'Cuz it was intense. Yup.
  11. Were any shows boring at all, you ask? Well, I don't like Passion Pit's music, so that was meh. And I'm not a huge fan of techno, so Deadmau5 was also meh. All the other shows were amayzin.
  12. We were walking away from the fireworks that closed the festival on Sunday when I met a cousin of mine and he offered to take me home. Sweet.
  13. I can't believe I'm having trouble getting to point 20.
  14. People watching is more fun at music festivals (or, at least, at Lollapalooza. Only festival I've been to) than anywhere else. Such a variety of people, all dressed their best but as comfortable as possible. Everybody wants to go, and even though for Chile these events' "everybody" still means "high middle class and upwards at most" I still felt a bit of social ventilation occurring. We all had someone completely different from us pressed (with the might of an incredibly big, fan-frenzied crowd) against us, for the sake of music. More than a hundred thousand people, all different from us.
  15. I'm really pissed about not getting to see Kaiser Chiefs. I am The Angry Mob. And I am only one person. That's how angry I am.
  16. Okay, let's leave it at 19 okay? I really did have a great time. Blame this lack of memory on something else ;)

Have a nice day because I love you because you read my blog,

Flashback Friday 10

My mom and Grandfather in the late 70's. I want to have vintage pictures of myself. Unfortunately, I have to wait like 20 years for that.

Have a nice weekend. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Help Requested!! Urgent! Please!!

Hello Blogging World:

          I would like to start off by saying that I will feel wretchedly rejected were you not to answer my letter. You see, I am in desperate need for help. And it is oh so most urgent.
          My troubles are not at all even strange or will require of so much effort on your part. You see, I am to impersonate a book character for my theatre's class was museum next week. And I have no clue what to do!
          No, what crazy talk this is! I know perfectly well what I want to do. I desperately want to be Bellatrix Lestrange. Desperately. She is the character of my dreams. Unfortunately, a very talented young girl already did Bellatrix for last year's Wax Museum, and therefore, my crazied, screeching, manic dreams are impossible.
         But I've thought of other options! I could be Becky Sharp, but nobody knows who Becky is, and wouldn't understand her character at all. And I've also thought of being Cruella de Vil, and Alice in Wonderland, and Luna Lovegood. But none of these characters seem just right. Anyways, I want to be a really crazy character, someone to startle the audience. To make them gasp.
        Now, whoever could I be!

Please help my,
     Desperate Ass

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lollapalooza Preparation #2

On Saturday, I'll be listening to:

And I could go watch Pearl Jam but I'm not the biggest fan... advice?

Lollapalooza Preparation #3

I normally try to avoid posting a gazillion quatrupillion pictures on my posts, but this is hard for me. I get exited about the Lollapalooza topic.

 Here are some pictures of last year's Lolla:

Last year I saw Camila Moreno and I saw Foster the People, and TV on the Radio and Morodo and Joan Jett and MGMT, Tinie Tempah and Skrillex and the Foo Fighters. Yeah, a lot of music in just one tiny day.

And this year, I'm going for two tiny-but-huge days! Yeah, rock on.

Green spirit!

Camila Moreno

This is probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken. I call it "Skrillex illuminating the people." Even though it's pretentious to give photographs names. Yeah.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lollapalooza Preparation Week #1

Please note: This pictures were taken back in the olden age of 2011, and with the crappiest camera ever. I like them, I like the sort of film-ish and olden view that it gives them. But that's because I'm a hipster. There, I said it, whatever.

This week is going to  be Lollapalooza Preparation Week because in only five short days it will be Lollapalooza and this is probably one of my favorite parts of every year.

My first Lollapalooza was by far the best. (But then, I've only been to two.) I saw The Killers and James and The National and Empire of the Sun, and I saw Chilean singers such as Francisca Valenzuela and Los Bunkers, and I also just wandered around. It has been one of the best days of my life (definetely makes the Top 50 list), and it was better than last year's Lollapalooza because I went with my friend Debs, who has pretty similar music taste to mine, and because it was the first time that the festival happened in Chile, there were at least half the people that went last year.

It was wonderful.

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