Sunday, May 12, 2013


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I love school. I love to sit down and just learn stuff for 8 hours straight. And on every possible subject! Every day I exit those horrid white gates (stupid useless arquitechts) a more knowledgeable person. I learn about Biology, about History, about Literature, about Philosophy, and yes, every once in a while I also learn a bit or two about Math. So much fun! It's like educational Youtube, except it's not procrastination.

(Yes, my friends bully me for being a geek. Thankfully I'm proud of that title, being the nerdfighter that I am.)

However, the system has got it all wrong.

I couldn't help feeling sorry for all of my fellow Drama classmates today. We had to present about different pantomime during different historical periods. The ever-present thought in my head was "these are drama students? These, who are supposed to feel at ease in front of an audience! Who should act confident even when they aren't! They profess love for drama, and yet they are giving as pityful a presentation as any average band student would." (Hey there band students, no grudge. I used to play the trumpet in my school band.)

But it's not their fault. It's the fucking system.

WHO ARE THE DUMBASSES THAT PRIORITIZE THE SAME TYPE OF EXCELLENCE FOR EVERY STUDENT OVER PERSONAL CREATIVITY. I acknowledge the fact that it's almost impossible to change the system, but just think it over: We are taught what we must be taught in order to get to college, as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we are supposed to get the best possible grades in order to get into said college by giving the exact same result that everybody was expecting.

I defy you, students of the world:

Don't learn because you have to, learn because you will be a bit closer to being a better person after learning.

Don't research because you have to, research because you might make a conclusion that nobody has ever seen before and to see these links between information scattered all around us as beautiful.

Don't present because you have to, present because you might inspire somebody in the process. Be sure to transmit all of the passion for the subject that you acquired through your research in your presentation.

Fellow students, all of us are given a magnificent possibility every day. It's the possibility to learn! To become more cultured! That is BEAUTIFUL, and if you can't see it, then I'm afraid learning is not for you... and achieving won't be for you either.

Don't be afraid of change.

Don't be afraid of doing things differently.

And, above all, don't do it just to get into college.

Once you get into college, you will learn things to excel in your field! And once you excel in your field... wait, was it of any use to get good grades in college?

My word for all the students in the world is:


PS. Youtube is one of the most magnificent educational tools that the universe has presented us with in a long time. I am an avid fan of educational channels such as Scishow, V-Sauce, CGP Grey, and Crash Course. But I am an even bigger fan of those channels that invite you to see the world in a different way. After all, I'm only a 17 year old human bug, and I couldn't have developed my theories from thin air. Here are some of my favorite videos on the topic of education:


  1. YES YES YES CRASH COURSE!!!! I learned a lot from it thankfully and now I enjoy learning/studying more.
    And thanks for the inspirational post! You're right, we shouldn't let the system define us :)

  2. This is so good, exactly what I need for motivation right now. I hope you don't mind, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. No pressure, the rules are here if you accept <3

  3. This. So true. I like learning, but I don't like school, and this is exactly why. argh.

    On a brighter note, I like your blog! DFTBA. :)


    You'd probably like this too -

    Also, on a different note, I have an online writing magazine and as you mentioned you are an aspiring writer, would you like to contribute something? The details are all here if you're interested :) -


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