Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Latin American Eminem

I like rap, but most of the time, I hate it. I intensely dislike the misoginism, the hypocrisy, all of it makes me think that most of the time rappers are not creating but just like throwing together a bunch of shit. And words are far from being shit. It should be illegal to create something so shitty with words.

But I really, really love Eminem. His rap resonates and is powerful yet lovable. I can't praise it enough.

And, hello, non-Latin Americans of the world, I present to you our very own Eminem! His name is Residente, or Calle 13, and he rocks. Or, rather, raps.

That is, by far, my favorite of his videos, and one of my favorite musical videos ever.

I'm a very bad translator, but this is the best I could do with his Una Vuelta al Mundo (Around the World) rap:

Stop gifting me books because I don't read them,
what I've learned it's because I've seen it,
as the years pass I contradict myself when I think,
time doesn't move me,
I move myself with time,
I am the will to live, the will to cross,
the will to learn what lays beyond the sea.
I hope my lips never quiet,
I also wish that this plane's wings never fail.
I don't have everything solved,
not everything calculated,
not my life resolved,
I only have this smile and I wait for one in return.
I trust in destiny and in the waves,
I don't believe in the Church but I believe in your looks,
you are the sun on my face when I wake,
I am the life that I have, you are the life that I lack,
so grab your suitcase, your bag, your valise, the case, your backback with your toys,
and give me your hand and we'll take a spin on the world...
all around the world.

Anyways, I probably did no justice to Calle 13's magnificent rap with my clumsy translation, so I either encourage you to learn Spanish or to just try to feel the power of the words in his voice. ;)

Do you have a favorite rapper? Or a favorite local musician?

PS. Hello haters of the world. Yes, I am aware that Calle 13 is the market's fabrication in its quest to have a Latin American Eminem. So what? It might be hypocritical, but it doesn't stop it from being good. And it's not killing anyone.

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