Friday, June 7, 2013

Art that Moves: Salvador Dalí's Last Supper

It's been a few years since I started cultivating my avid fandom for the Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dalí. I find his art to have a different effect. For example, my favorites have always been the Impressionists. And while Monet soothes, Matisse evokes, and Renoir instills, this surrealist painter does something above any Impressionist; it moves you. And not solely in an emotional way! But it seems that being in the presence of a Dalí painting really does move you, takes you somewhere else. Some part of my conscience acknowledged the fact that my body remained in the physical museum, but somehow the image represented led my spirit astray.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit Washington DC a few weeks ago, as my readers might know by reading my blog. And, if you ever have the opportunity to be in DC too, I advise you to do one thing above any other; visit the National Gallery of Art. And, once you have visited the National Gallery of Art, ask for Dalí's Last Supper, and prepare yourself.

I tried to find a quality image of the painting online, and failed. No image can represent what I saw in real life.

You feel the holiness of the picture seeping through your eyes and into the rest of your body, yet this holiness feels somewhat sacrilegous. A paradox? I'm not sure. Whether it was the few asymmetrical details or the surrealism of the work of art, I knew that I was before something extremely holy that wasn't exactly what it seemed. It was a marvel. The way materiality blended with light and failed to work in normal ways, and the disquieting apostles...



Dalí was a genius. Just like the name of his current indicates, nobody else could have elevated reality into the dimension that he did.

PS. I leave you with a gem that I found a few months ago. A true delight:

PPS. There are some interesting documentaries about Dalí in Youtube. If ever you possess the wonderful gift of time, I recommend you to dedicate it to him. Or to eating pancakes. Whatever, you know.

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