Monday, August 19, 2013

The Nose Job

My big nose in all of its splendour in Jerusalem.

We all have physical shit that bothers us. Our ears, our foreheads, our weight, our height. It's different from the psychological crap because, even though it might not be that way, at least we feel some power over how we act or what we say. Our bodies are what they are and kaput.

Until!! Medical advances led us to, tari-daaaa, plastic surgery!!

I haven't told many people about it yet, though, because I'm reluctant to hear their comments. Most of the time, they're stupid. Even my own parents "I would never have expected it from you!" or a "But you seem like such an easy-going girl! I wouldn't have thought it from someone like you!" The worse is "but aren't you a feminist?"

Yes, people, I'm all that and still I want to get a nose job.

Because what is the friggin' worse that can happen from doing it.

Because trying to look your best is a biological tendency that is natural to most species (it's called grooming, hey), but condescending on others, classism, sexism, and all of that; well, that is specifically human.

Because when I talk about condescending on others for """indulging""" in plastic surgery, I talk about something that's so sexist that I would just get a nose job to defy it. Girls are supposed to be beautiful, within a beauty standard that is reallistically impossible to reach, however, heaven forbid girls try too much to look beautiful.

Because I wanna look pretty and so be it. This is not about following the social standard for beauty, but my own personal confidence compass. For example, I pride in my unruly brown hair. I don't care for the straight kind, no matter how much Yves Saint Laurent tries to buy me into it.

Because this doesn't mean I'll start looking "fake" or any shit like that, after all, in a few years you'll start getting used to this renewed version of myself. And my personality isn't going to change, just the medium for it to express itself will a little. Gosh, it's just a nose.

Because a few centuries ago, wearing makeup was reserved for women who lived off sex, and now, oh, how much does Sephora earn?

I just wish I had the energy and articulacy to tell all those cool kids who care SOOO much about my nose all of this.

Otherwise, I don't care what they think.


  1. have you read this great rookie article on plastic surgery? It's bassically saying, "don't gudge, we all want to look beautiful". I think you and your nose are both lovely (I have problems with my nose, too), but it's your face, do what you want with it!

    1. wait, I forgot to attach the link to the article:

    2. ...and I meant to say "judge", sorry

    3. Gaaaaah I have the best readership!!! <3

      Thank you so much, comments like these are my favorite type! (Even if they're links to your own blog posts, I love 'em all!)

  2. This was a great post! As Cassie said, both you and your nose are lovely, but it is your face and you should be able to do what you want with it without worrying about what anyone else has to say xx



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