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Books & The City #2

From Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Forgive me, beauteous blog readers, for the tardiness of this blog post. I had so much to write about, that I preferred to wait until memory let the effusiveness of my words calm down. Now, coffee in hand and wearing my favorite home-clothes (Nike shorts, socks, no bra, and a neon hoodie of 60 watts), I can write.

The Characters

During my first five minutes of the workshop evah, someone asked"I wonder what's worse for a pregnant woman to have, a glass of wine, a cigarette, or marijuana?"

"The cigarette!"

"It's obviously the glass of wine..."

"You know what? The other day, I was with a friend that smokes like crazy. But she ADORES children, and recently got married. We were drunk, so we were talking a whole bunch of crap, and it just slipped: 'pff, you are so gonna smoke when you're preggo.' You know what she answered? 'OF COURSE!'"

I might not give the impression on this blog, but I do actually live a very safe, wholesome life (within a certain margin.) For example, I am a controversial character in my school, because of my "liberal views" (ie, I don't believe in virginity. Whoah.) So for me, this was like, wow; finally people that lead fairly interesting lives.

And then, when we were about to start reading the stories, the most unremarkable of them said "ejerm... I have a problem."

Ina was like "you didn't bring your story?"

"Nope... I've been, sort of, err, distracted lately."

Ina: "What, you're pregnant?"


And so, she is. So now our literary workshop has a literary workshop baby. It's fairly exiting, really.

The story, as told by her, was as follows: "Remember our first class, when we were introducing ourselves? I told you guys that I have a boyfriend, but that things had been sort of rough as of late. So Ina asked for how long we'd been together, and I said 'eight months.' Ina was like 'bah! Dump him.' Well, I did. A week later, I found out that I was pregnant."

Friends, in my life, someone makes out with someone else and it's exiting. This was a whole other world.

Anyhow, these are the characters of our weekly Sex & The City Literary Edition:

  • Dani: Ie, pregnant girl. I'm not really sure if she has any other remarkable characteristics, because all that we care about is that she's having the workshop baby.

  • Mary: She's this posh 30-something who wears nothing but black, does her hair in a darling high ponytail, has britishly imperfect teeth, and smokes almost more than Ina does. She talks a lot about her life, but is not a very interesting person. In fact, she's the one that writes the worse. However, I do love one detail about her; she has this very interesting brother who travels all around the world (Butan, Perú, Mexico, and so on) with no clear destination, is a thorough hippie and leads the most amazing life. My favorite story that Mary has written was this piece about how, one day, this guy wearing nothing but a loincloth and hoisting a broom, declaring that he was the "Broom King" presented himself at their house. Mary's brother had told him that he would be welcome there.

  • Kate: She's my favorite. We walk towards the metro together after every class. She's the funniest and most talented, in my opinion. Also, she's the youngest after me. However, she's 28. I am still undeniably the baby of the group. The dampener on the Sex & The City vibe. Kate has a Spanish boyfriend.

  • Lucio: Brazilian dude! The only male of the group. Honestly, I find it admirable beyond courage's limits that this guy, who's been speaking Spanish for only four years, had the guts to join a literary group. He's also a doctor. And so nice. I love his stories because they're frequently about Brazil. He's also boyfriend to...

  • Zoe: Because all of the names I've given are not the people's actual names, I had to name this last one Zoe. GOSH, SHE IS ZOOEY DESCHANEL IN PERSON. (Booey for me, I'm not a huge Zooey fan. Which is why I spelled the name differently. I like that spelling better.) She is a cutesy, adorable girl. The beauty of the group, and has a teeth gap that suits her to perfection. She wears oversize sweaters and smokes Vogue cigarettes and writes in this very intimate way that I just adore. (I can't decide if I like her or Kate's writing best.) Zoe has also had a very interesting life. My favorite story from her was this account of her packing up her apartment after she split up with her ex-husband, and just before she was about to leave the apartment for the last time, she finds this box in a closet that she had forgotten to clean out. The box was full of memorabilia from her ex-husband, and, in it, a letter from the woman whom he had gotten pregnant as he was cheating on Zoe. The woman said that she had no interest in seeing him ever again. Wowza. 

Anyways, that's it for today, friends! Which character was your favorite?

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