Monday, November 25, 2013

17 B4 18: Sky Gazing

Because there is nothing more liberating than sky gazing. It's like flying with the certainty that you will never fall. It's acknowledging infinity from your humble morsel of atoms, a moment full of God, it's sinking into the grass with your soul high up. When I think "I need a break," I think "I need a moment for laying on the grass with my eyes set on the clouds."

I included this in my "17 B4 18" list to have an excuse for taking an infinite amount of pictures of the sky. The sky's our friend, our neighbour, we're a part of it and it's in and around us; and yet it's so much bigger than us.

PS. I'm a bit behind on this, so this will be "updating on 17 B4 18" week. So that we can move on to 18 B4 19. Which, honestly, is like long due.

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