Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Year and a Half

Dear Blogging World,

I write this letter to you because, full of teen angst as it seems to be from my teeny and angsty perspective, I think you will have a lot of experience to share or at the very least, compassion.

Love sucks.

A sizable part of my oft-visited Twitter feed is full of fun-facts that are good for nothing but fun. Except for the extremely occassional fact, it is doubtful that I will ever learn something useful from the fun-fact tweets. Except for one I read a few weeks ago.

"After four months, a crush can be considered love."


I sincerely do not find it fair that, what with the world being full of hunks and babes or at least mildly interesting humans, I can't forget ONE of them. It makes me feel like a) a bad feminist, and b) a shitty fun-haver.

Ok, I still have the fun, but I'm missing out on the love. (The Beatles wouldn't be proud.)

Edited to add: A very insightful reader pointed that it's rather ridiculous to say anything like "bad feminist." Although I did say it in jest, I agree whole-heartedly. Thank you reader!! For reminding us that there's no such thing as bad feminism, at least up to a certain point.

Because, Blogging World, after a year and a half of having my heart undeniably set on one guy, I have resigned myself to what seems inevitable; the soul matey shit.

I believe in God, I believe in His Will, I believe that He has set every one of us on the world to fullfill a Greater Purpose, and this is not going to be an annoying rant on religion, but, see, let's do the math.

I am turning 18 in a week. If I have spent 1.5/18, that is, 3/36, that is 8.3333% of my life still stuck on the same long-haired, guitar-playing, poetry-writing, physics-loving DOUCHEBAG then I've got no hope.

He's the one for me.




Whatever. I'm a loser in the love game.

After a year and a half, I think I'm used it.

Just, whatever.

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  1. while i can completely relate in terms of being in love with the wrong one for far too long, what i'm stuck on is the idea that this somehow equates to 'bad feminism'.

    other than that, i know the feeling.. (and i find it makes for good writing material).



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