Monday, October 27, 2014

To-Do for December

Clean up ye olde blogge. 
When the fudge did it get so ugly?
Aye doesn't this sound like a Medieval poem.
Or sumthin.

Pretty picture found above to compensate fuglyness.
'Tis of ye olde bio field trippe.
Aye but field trips 'twas things of the past.
Senior year's a-come to the tomb.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Teenage Rock Band

Best series known to man or what.

Perhaps the most nerve-wrecking aspect of turning 19 in a month and graduating from High School in two is the clock-at-midnight feel of time's over.

Not just for my beloved uniform-wearing, Lolita*-feeling hallway catwalks, but because I've always really, really wanted to be part of a teenage rock band and now I'll quickly be left solely with the prospect of an adult rock band.

With all due respect to my beloved elders, it just sounds less cool.

Perhaps my musical aspirations began with Lane from Gilmore Girls. What the heck, that's where it actually began and probably that is what still nourishes it. In fact, Gilmore Girls was pretty much an important factor in my whole transition from Billboard music aficionada to The Smiths junkie.

And perhaps my musical incursions haven't been scarce, but I still suck. No musical talent within me whatsoever. Fine, I can play the guitar, and I can sing, but it's not like music comes easy to my fingers or throat or lips or whatever music-producing body part you wish.


The part I hate the most is that my school besties have this really popular school band called The Magic Ponies (in fact), and when I say "popular" I'm not being a pubertal snob but just honest. Like, kids have begged them for selfies, signatures, whatnot.

(Yes, popular within my school's fences, but still.)

And I've begged them to let me in and they've refused every single fucking time.
Which is sort of mean.

So I asked my acoustic guitar to come with me, charged my uterus with all the estrogen and progesterone that my girl power could provide, and signed myself up for a school concert.

Thank you, Chilean folk music, for not being particularly hard to execute in spite of your beauty. Apparently, I did fine, which is finer, because I'm probably never doing something like that again.


*I romanticize Lolita, obviously not because of the pedophile part (which is particularly nauseating given the horrible cases of pedophile priests found in my country lately) but because of the undeniably awesome aesthetics of the movie and book.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Galapagos Day 2: The Pictures Have Nothing To Do With The Topic

Although I was ruminating over a more profound writing topic last night, as is normal, I forgot what it was. (Perhaps my fight on maternity as an imposition with my Dad? Who, by the way, is exemplar proof that you can have an academic, intellectual, cultured individual with the mind-set of a XIV century peasant.) So, as with other aspects of life, when in doubt as to your writing topic, food it is!

Yes, I have a decent BMI and whatnot, but my relationship to food is complex, bla bla. Whatever, I wanted to talk about how food accompanied by travel makes for the best dish in the world.

With all due respect to my daily meals, cafeteria meals and flakes for breakfast are in no way, no how, comparable to the  frijoles negros con arroz that I lived on in Brazil, the Turkish candy from, yes, Istambul, or the tihina in Israel.
Yay for exotic food.
My Mom can complain about her eldest's eating habits to her heart's content, but I'm going for the XL portions of bananas fritas con quinoa as many times as necessary to make me sick.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Senior Year

Senior Year, unofficially, has ended. 

And in the midst of Spirit Week, and of the last-few-days nostalgia, a family crisis has been looming... and I just don't know. I don't want to know.

Anyways, up to now, it's been a wonderful year.

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