Friday, December 5, 2014


On the last day of schoolmas my true love said to me...

School's out, summer's in, break the internet, get tendinitis from so much typing, BLOGGING!

If my emotions were actors and cheezyness and puberty and dancing they would be enacted by this timeless piece of musical cinema:

I you are a Northern Hemispherer: As I lived vicariously through your own summery traipsing blogging, I invite you to join mine.

Never stop posting all-summer-long yeah.


  1. Very excited to live vicariously through your summer- it reminds me that there's still hope when I go outside and freeze everyday haha.


  2. I`m really confused, here, in europe, it just started to get fu**ing cold and you have summer holidays now?! But it seems really nice that I will get some "hot summer spirit" though your blog. ;-)


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