Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In praise of analogue

It seems like a faraway day, thataday when I started with my photography craze. It had probably something to do with the fact that I scrapbooked, another bit to do with the idea that I blogged, and a last bit to do with the knowledge that I owned a point-and-shoot and must learn to use it.

So I did, and although now a days I am in awe at the pictures that eighth grader me was able to take, I felt that until I had one of those big mighty DSLRs, my honour as a photographer would not be consolidated. Consequently I scraped up my Bat Mitzvah checks and my piggy bank savings to buy a shiny new Canon Rebel XS, the cheapest find in the market back in the day.

One of my eighth grade point-and-shoot creations.

Years passed, and one 8th of November of 2012 I compiled THIS little challenge, upon which I immortalized the notion that to complete my hipster credentials I needed to accomplish analogue.

'Twas the disposable Kodak which initiated me, but 'twas a 1980's Zenith that made me a woman.

Trouble is, once you go analogue, you never go back. Although there's a huge photo industry willing to dispute me on this, but whatevs.

Anywho, it's been two years since I went analogue, and I'm charmed. It's expensive, a hassle, and an all-rounded unpracticality, but I don't care and the pictures are beauts. The only pain I have about analogue is that, sometimes, the pictures deceive you and don't come out just right. Aye, 'tis a pity. 

But as I said, I have one true love and it's analogue and it grants me the gorgeous possibility of mocking tourists with their DSLR's.

That's it for today, friends,

Ps. I think in the back of my brain I wrote this to explain to myself -and to you guys- why I am in such a poor state of photographic material to share with you. I don't have that many pictures anymore. Sucks. But read this post again if you feel like being mad.

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