Saturday, April 4, 2015

The One on Age

My hair and its playmate, Wind.

I know that I'm getting older because:

  • One of my front teeth is chipped.
  • I debate internally whether my hair deserves swimming pool chlorine or not before jumping in.
  • The sea is too cold, even for my toes.
  • My nails are way weaker than they used to be.
  • If I sleep for more than eight hours straight, it's an achievement.
  • Mixing sodas at Chuck E. Cheese now seems insane.
  • I no longer get waffles with Nutella at breakfast buffets.
  • I haven't danced alone in my room since who knows when.
  • Imaginary friends are a thing of the past
  • I'm studying to be the hum-drum lawyer I never wanted to be.
Yet I also know that I'm getting older because now I know that:

  • Saying sorry to end a fight is not a hit on your pride, it's a hit on sources of misery.
  • A party won't change your life.
  • You can fall in love, but if you're falling in love too often, it's probably not love and you'll get over it.
  • In general, boyfriends are overrated.
  • You know what's not overrated? Mothers and good friends.
  • How you dress is only important if you like how you dress.
  • Fruit is actually ten times more delightful than waffles with nutella.
  • Never take a class during Friday afternoon because Friday afternoons are the best moment of the week.
  • You're allowed to be imperfect, but that's your own secret with yourself and it's okay if nobody else understands.
  • The people you surround yourself with are also allowed to be imperfect.

I am in love with the new granny-hair trend, because, if anything, aging is beautiful as long as you accept it.

(Says the 19-year-old girl, but whatever.)

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  1. Oh my goodness! So true about taking classes on Friday afternoons. I always want to be elsewhere.


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