Friday, July 31, 2015

beautiful thangs

Sometimes the world seems dreary. Humanity like a lost thing. Your life a predictable unraveling of events, study-work-marry-die. And you bury your face into your pillow and crawl deeper into the huge black hole developing in the center of your chest.

But why?

Why feel like this in a world with


and music

and Tumblr

and Rookie.

Why feel like this in a world with


and babies

,animals of all sorts

and plants that give off shade and colour.

Why feel like this when you can

have sex

or ice cream

or masturbate

or dance

alone, in your room, to your favourite music.

Sometimes, I am startled by beautiful things. As if they hadn't been there, at arms reach, all along. The news and politics aim at our despairing over the world's suckiness, but, honestly, it doesn't really suck.


  1. This is really nice. Sometimes I feel like my life is so planned out, and I wonder what all my studying is going towards, what my actual aim is. It all feels so mundane. So I guess this is lovely because there's the little freedoms along the way. It's not all just planning, it's about having a purpose while also enjoying everything else provided for us.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Our society is built in such a way that we oftentimes don't function the way we were meant to. We eat shit, we're made to work too much and we get nothing out of it but stress... But I absolutely agree, there are still some beautiful things in life, simple moments to be shared with loved ones. There are so many things to discover and explore everywhere, so many things to learn. I wish more people would stop and admire the world every now and again !

    xx, Charlie

  3. I love this so much it's oddly calming


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