Friday, August 28, 2015

10 Steps To Being Fun Again

I have become the epitome of boringness. My Twitter shows it. Life has become a mud-puddle of studying-working-doing, in which I'm splashing around in and where's the fun in dat. (OMG I just turned splashing into something boring.)

How can I make life interesting again? Let's see:

1) Set new challenges.
2) Partaying is important. It gives you thrills.
3) Chase dem boys more.
4) Read pretty books and watch pretty movies <3 font="">
5) Get out of this fucking depressive citay
6) Go back to my lit club <3 font="">
7) Discover new music
8) Go to the theatre more.
9) Break that effing routine.
10) Decide to be happy.

This year has been so freaking hard on me. I am going to get over it, I am going to be happy again. It just needs to get done.

Pardon moi over the depressively barren blog post. It's just a reflection of my depressively barren life.



  1. Good luck with everything. I hope you feel better again soon. Maybe just try and be spontaenous, allow yourself some free time and pick an activity to do that you've never done before. Maybe take the bus to somewhere you don't know very well to discover the cool places around you... There are so many options. I'm sending loads of good vibes your way !

    xx, Charlie

  2. My last two weeks have been the most unmotivated I think I've been. Routine has hit and that's all I do. I'm not even making an effort to study anymore. All I do is eat and sit - and I never have anything to talk about anymore. You could say I'm boring, but was I ever not? I do need to break the routine. Maybe I do need a party, or at least something to look forward to. I haven't spent a weekend catching up for the sake of it in weeks - Maybe it's time to make an effort again.

    The Life of Little Me


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