Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Picnic Stories

August 2014.
My BFF's birthday was coming up, and so were a million due dates.

We were High School seniors
which entailed a "privilege" where we could leave school during lunch hour, 
on one condition: Our timely return to the next class.

I had a wonderful idea but a million due dates.

1) Skip class that day. Mom and Dad shouldn't know about this, so I woke up at the normal, heart-breaking hour of 6.30 am, put on my school uniform, but rode my bike to a nearby Starbucks instead of  the institution that expected me.
2) Breaking the rules is fun. Starbucks isn't, in spite of the muffins. Working on a History paper during the wee hours isn't either.
3) At 11 am, I rode my bike to a nearby supermarket. I bought frosting, muffins, lots of sweets and salts, a birthday crown, candles. 
4) At 11.30 am, I called the pizza parlor. They had a 2x1 deal but on the condition that I went to the store to get my cheese 'n' sauce covered bread.
5) At 12 pm, I was back home, frosting the muffins, puffing into balloons.
6) I wasn't there to give complete faith of it, but the story goes that five other friends kidnapped my friend June and brought her to my house on a friend's car. The story makes sense, as that was the plan I had so astutely connived. June was blindfolded and had no idea where she was going.
7) June arrived at my home. 
8) We sang happy birthday and ate lots of crap.
9) That night, we got shitfaced and all Friendshiplandia lived happily ever after.

The end.


  1. That was such a lovely story!
    I laughed at the line, "We sang happy birthday and ate lots of crap!"
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,
    Archie <3


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