Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Ideal Reader

If I ever wrote a book worth of publishing, and that book were to be read by many a people, and those readers for some reason were of diversely coloured backgrounds, and all of them read my books in different ways and in different places.

Shouldn't I have the right to imagine what my ideal reader could be?

Well, it wouldn't be the intellectual sprite that would boast of reading me at a downtown coffeehouse.

Nor the fangirl who'd even retweet the succinct aphorisms regarding my pooping status.

But the shy young thing that reads all scrunched up in a corner and then can't get off her eyes so she takes it on the bus and on the metro and the books gets to see all around town because the young thing can't take her eyes off of this shit that makes her feel just so alive.

Which, of course, says more of the ideal book I would like to write than anything else.

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