Saturday, December 10, 2016

Journaling is my hot, hot, sex

In many ways, this blog is like Gilmore Girls. Not just in the sense that the main character is way hot (me)(please, Sheldon Coopers of the world, try to understand my humour), but also because I feel that nothing is better expressed than as when expressed through a pop culture reference. (In case you didn't get the title's reference, check THIS out before we can be friends.)

Anyhoo, summer has arrived for my happy Chilean self, and with it, a lot of time to dedicate to journaling. And because I mostly suck at prettifying stuff (in contrast with my huge talent at uglifying things) I need very professional artistic inspo to get me going. Here are some things I've found through the magic of Tumblr (you can also find the due credits here.)

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