Sunday, February 19, 2017

Movement Dreams

LOVE IS FREE from Greg Mirzoyan on Vimeo.

I sometimes wonder if I am a person condemned to dream-state. I am constantly fantasizing about all the possible ME'S that could exist: Artist me, confident me, successful me, popular me. Perhaps that is the reason why I'm so much better at starting things than at finishing them; My dreams have enough gasoline in them to spark the fire, but once the quenching crash of reality comes along, my dreams flicker out and are doomed to the cemetery of forgotten projects.

One of the best examples of this is sporty me.

I have often dreamt of being able to skim through a soccer field, with dancing feet that give me confidence in the art that is working as a team and enjoying it.

And I have also dreamt of mastering the more elevated aspects of yoga, of taking the connectedness and conciousness of my body to the Instagram-worthy pose. Oh, and also to feel like I'm flying.

Another of my dreams is to reach a level of cardiovascular mastery that allows me to jog through beautiful places without feeling as if death is near. In fact, what I really want to feel is that the muscles in my legs are made of fire and my heart is an organ whose purpose has never been so much to be alive.

To be able to flip-flop the heck out of my spine. To have the strength and dedication to hike every mountain in rugged ole Chile. To be able to roller-skate, like the "beautiful girls in Barcelona." And dance! Boy, would I love to hip-hop or ballet the shit out of my body.

Honestly, I'm not exactly sedentary. At all. But my exercise mostly consists of gym-time and if I ever practice sports it lasts for a week or so. Probably the crux of all this is that ONE CANNOT DO EVERYTHING IN LIFE, ONE MUST CHOOSE, and I have not chosen sports, because, ain't nobody got time for that (at least I don't.)

So there: I have chosen blogging. I have chosen you guys, my blog readers.  :')

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