Friday, February 17, 2017


This is not a blog about politics (because I spend my every day talking too much about politics and rarely about beautiful things) and it is even less about the United States' politics, a country that I have no connection to other than the fact that everybody talks about it all the time. In fact, I find it a bit infuriating, that Trump-related news seems at times not to be international reporting, but stuff of national importance. It. is. not.

Anyhow, after probably having alienated most of the people reading this entry with that introduction, I want to state my point. I know that most of this blog's readership is from the U.S., and that is why I thought that my blog would be a proper platform to state what the title says in caps lock. A FORMER PRESIDENT HANGING OUT WITH A MILLIONAIRE IN SUCH A CHUMMY WAY IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE APPLAUDED AND CHEERED, IT IS SOMETHING TO CONDEMN!!!! I am sorry about the hysterical tone of this post, but, honestly, why would anyone think that such a blatantly obvious demonstration of the relationship of politics and money, ie, CORRUPTION, is at all sexy! It. is. not.

I do realize that in comparison with Trump, Obama seems like a God-given cross between Adonis and Mandela, a man beyond charming, smart, and with a true sense of good. But, that does not mean he can go around the day after his mandate ends, frolicking with a guy that has enough money to lure any ole politician into having less-than-commendable motives!

In Pepe Mujica's words, Uruguay's former president (and a man I admire): "Politicans have to live as most people do, and not as a wealthy minority does."

I am not saying Obama is corrupt, or that he can't have a well-deserved good time. I'm saying that I'm amazed at how people can cheer the fact that the former president of the most powerful country in the world is parading BFF status with a guy that represents one of nice democracy's most formidable opponents -lots of money.

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