Friday, February 10, 2017

Shine Theory

This is my friend June. She is a woman full of drive and power. One day, I will vote for her. Every day until then, I thank the Heavens for having gifted me with a friend so full of love, adventure, understanding, and smarts.

This is my friend Nicole. She is a woman who refuses to subjugate to popular opinion. Her rebellious perspective about everything in life makes her eternally wise and funny.

This is my friend Nathalie. She is the friend whom I brag about: "Ah, yes, I have this friend who studies Theater in Berlin, how artsy is that..." She is also the person to whom I owe most of the belly-aching LOLs of the past decade. (And some of the most rabid teenage fights.)

This is my friend Beatriz. This tiny piece of a woman holds in herself a tornado-like force that refuses to spin in any sense that is not her very own.

My sister. A woman beyond beautiful, beyond dignified, beyond wise. She is, in many senses, the true eldest of the family, and I am, in many others, the young and annoying urchin that is to be reprimanded and Snapchatted.

This is my mother (and me). The woman who holds captive most of my arsenal of love in this world, my eternal role model in everything except political ideals, a woman full to the brim of smarts and drive -the epitome of overachieving. I LOVE YOU MOM!

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