Sunday, March 26, 2017

Phoneography as of late

This type of post used to be called "Phoney Sunday" (very Caulfield-esque of me.)  Anyhoo, here's some of my colorful Instagram luuuuv.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Reflection on Time

This isn't the first time that I've hinted at time on my blog; how scarce it is, how fleeting is, you know, the usual clichés. How envious I am of Hermione's time-stopping-and-reversing thingy, which allows her to study all the things, go to all the classes.

I don't have a time-stopping-and-reversing thingy.

I can't do all the exercise I want to do, read all that I want to read, write all that I want to write. Sure, I spend too much time on my phone, losing precious time on idle Whatsapp or Instagram scrolling, when I could be investing in quality time with friends&fam, or in working towards, you know, making the world a better place.

It frustrates me so much.

According to my psychologist, the problem is that "I have too many interests," which he doesn't view as a problem at all. But after two weeks in college, I feel immensely tired and immensely frustrated at the fact that I just CAN'T study all the things, go to all the meetings, do all the socializing.


Or, better yet; I want to recognize and aprecciate my finitude, take a deep breath, read a good poem, and think "what is really so terrible about being human?"
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