Monday, July 31, 2017

20 Alternatives to Neverland

I'm not the biggest Pablo Neruda fan, in spite of our shared nationality, (in fact, in public I call him  a cliché-loving sexist fool) but I will recognize a true verse when I see it, even if it does come from a cliché-loving sexist fool. One of these goes "the child who doesn't play isn't a child, and the man who doesn't play has forever lost the child within him." 

But play isn't just defying your siblings to a game of The Settlers of Catan or a match of soccer, it can be many things. In fact, Neruda's quote isn't exactly from a poem, but from an interview in which he was asked why he was such an avid collector of random stuff (such as ship figureheads), to which he answered that these things were his toys

A toy can be anything, play can be many things, here are some of the ones I cherish the most:
  1. Choose your ice cream based on color, and not on flavor.
  2. Take any opportunity you might have to dress up in costume, and if opportunities do not show up, then skip them and just dress up for the sake of it.
  3. Read. Books. With. Pictures. In. Them.
  4. Get very exited about things like escalators and pushing the button on the elevator.
  5. Ask questions. All the time.
  6. Ocasionally, rebel against the norm of showers.
  7. Say words wrong. In fact, you can just go ahead and invent your own wrong words, making them a part of your vocabulary. Let no one dare correct you. It's going to be supercallifragilistcexpiallidocious.
  8. Watch cartoons.
  9. Use funny socks and enjoy it immensely.
  10. Spontaneously ug your Mom or another loved one and tell her you love her or him.
  11. Go to the nearest park and use the playground. Particularly, the swings. Imagine that if you swing hard enough, you might be able to land on the moon or Jupiter. Swing so hard that you get a little bit scared that you might go around the bars.
  12. Have an imaginary friend that you can talk to and have pretty important discussions with.
  13. Enjoy a good sprint. Pretend you have wings and are flying.
  14. Dare to wear non-color coordinated clothes.
  15. Be overenthusiastic about going out and doing things.
  16. Be a sticker hoarder.
  17. Concoct unique combinations at a soda dispenser and name them after you.
  18. Climb a nearby friendly tree. You might even find that the tree invites you to a interesting conversation regarding the funny behaviour of ants.
  19. Go barefoot.
  20. Lay on the grass to watch the sky. Forget about that annoying thing called time and it's horrible tendency to pass.

Ahoy readers :) See you in Neverland.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Meta-blog post

This is a blog post about the things I want to blog about.

I want to blog about music, about the movies I'm watching, about the books I should be reading. I want to take pictures with my DSLR and not with my phone, I want to write some stories and some poetry. I want to dress wonderfully and take pictures of all my amazing outfits. At times, I even want to reflect purposefully about politics and philosophy and stuff, and perhaps share that with you too. Oh, I also have done some traveling, and it would be a shame not to share that too.

So much to do, such scarcity of time :D Hop along, blog readers of the world.

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