Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Alternative Definitions for Words Concerning Desire (part 1)

Ambition: An acknowledgment of one's own power.

Appetite: The sight of unread books on a bookshelf.

Ardor: The warmth a steaming beverage transmits to cold hands, generally referring to coffee.

Aspiration: The long intake of breath taken by a student on the dawn of his or her first day of class.

Attraction: The sight of perfectly applied lipstick on lips.

Avidity: The manner in which a hungry person watches the seconds of the microwave go slowly by as his or her lunch gets warmed up.

Craving: A woman's sudden acknowledgment of the emptiness of her vagina.

Concupiscence: The way a person slowly touches their own body in slow and thankful adoration.

Covetousness: An outfit that perfectly enhances one's butt or waist.

Craze: Said of a person that uploads many pictures of his o her pet to social media.

Cupidity: A newly discovered song that strongly obsesses its listener. Usually this obsession manifests itself in relentless replay, which can cut the obsession short as the listener is likely to become tired of it.

Devotion: The taste of cheese.

Doting: The act of watching a baby sleep.

Eagerness: Synonym for flirting.

Fancy: Said of the urgent need to eat processed sugar.

Fascination: A day on which your Tumblr feed is on-point.

Fervor: The strong heat that emanates from a person that is talking about a cause that he or she feels strongly about. The cause is usually political or ideological, but can also be a topic the person is fond of, such as an artistic expression.

Fondness: The state or quality of hugging.

Frenzy: The state of a person's mind on the first days after discovering a new hobby.

Greed: The name given to the heartburn that is felt by youths as they close their eyes after uploading a picture to Instagram and wait for likes.

Hankering: A dollop of meringue.

Hunger: The want to live exhilarating experiences.
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