Sunday, October 1, 2017

Alternative Definitions for Words Concerning Desire (part 2)

Inclination: Said of the temporary cloudiness that perturbs a person's mind when entering a store with beautiful items on sale.
Infatuation: The smell of one's beloved.
Itch: The physical manifestation of sexual desire. Usually refers to the anatomy surrounding, and including, the groin.
Lasciviousness: The smell in a room after sex has been had within it.
Lechery: Unrestrained or excessive indulgence of chocolate.
Libido: The color of plants during spring. Generally used regarding flowers.
Liking: The smell of freshly laundered sheets.
Longing: Looking at old picture albums.
Love: A person that continues to flirt with his or her long-term partner.
Lust: Sparkle.
Mania: Dancing to one's favorite upbeat song.
Motive: An athlete that pictures the finish line while sweating and panting.
Need: The desperate longing for summer that occurs during winter months.
Passion: Discovering a near-perfect work of art, be it a painting, photograph, movie, poem, etcetera.
Predilection: The taste of peanut M&Ms.
Proclivity: The unusually strong weight that overcomes eyelids during a monotonous class.
Propensity: A person that wears too many colors at the same time and yet still manages to look fabulous.
Rapaciousness: An overflowing bouquet.
Rapture: The first stage in an amorous relationship.
Ravenousness: The urge to run barefoot or roll around on a never-ending field of grass.
Relish: The loving embrace with which bedclothes and pillows surround a sleepy person.
Salacity: Beautiful undergarments.
Solicitude: The intense bond created in a long-lasting group of devoted friends.
Thirst: The temptation given by a crystalline swimming pool in the middle of summertime.
Urge: What makes balloons fly away into space.
Voracity: An avant-garde term for brownies.
Want: The feeling of loss when a once perfect relationship goes sour. Usually manifests itself in desperately trying to fix what is probably unfixable.
Will: The act of fixing what seemed unfixable.
Wish: A multitude of candles.

Yearning: A ball of thread wanting to be unspun. Sometimes used regarding tangled earphones.

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