Thursday, November 23, 2017

Favourite sounds

Today as I walked home I thought about how my favourite sound is the rustling of trees. "The tremor of the leaves," rather. And I thought about all the things that sound like tree leaves: Rain on a rooftop, applause, a person drowsily rolling under the bed coveres.

And the birds were politely discussing, and an ocasional suburban car drove gently by, and afar a dog was barking. And all of those were my favourite sounds.

There was even the murmur of a lawn mower in the air.

And all of these were most definetely my favourite sounds.

Perhaps, I thought, any sound is beautiful when surrounded by a blanket of silence. Any sound has its musicallity, its artistic sense, even if it's not pretty. Even if it's a baby crying, or an adult crying, a car alarm crying, a dog whining or crying*.

Downtown, no sound is beautiful. Because they compete for your attention and drown in the process. But amidst the silence, even your voice, with its slightly nasal undertones, can sound just fine.

*the word choice depends on how much you love dogs.

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