Sunday, February 4, 2018

If a blog post is under 200 words, you probably ought to take extra advantage of the title in order to get the message across: This post is about happiness and goal-making

I have decided a thing that contains three other things about happiness:
  1. Being happy takes a lot of effort.
    1. To be happy you must be greatful
    2. To be happy you must challenge yourself
    3. To be happy you must be willing to take pleasure in the good things
Because of point 2º, and the Fear of Mediocrity, I have set two goals for myself this week:
  1. Write a Sparknotes post
  2. Write a blog post (this one doesn't count)
So, if anyone is still out there (you know, in this part of the blogosphere), watch out, I'm actually going to write.

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