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Dancing is not just a thing of movement. It can also be an emotional state, an approach to life. We can dance without moving: it's about feeling.

Before I start, let me say that, even though I don't know you, I think I like you, because even though this isn't the coolest blog in the world, you had the patience and kindness to stick around this long.

Anyways, I am a 17 year old Chilean girl. I read a lot, but wish I read more. I read in Spanish, but most of the time I read in English. Writing helps me live, so I want to do it when I'm big and old, but the idea terrifies me. And it's unfortunate that I love reading and writing so much, because some of my other loves (friendship, good grades, photography, crafting) get in the way.

My two parents are very smart doctors, I am the oldest sister to a brother that spends too much time smiling and playing CoD, and to a sister that has an amazing talent for nail art, is too kind, and too pretty. I also have friends. None of these people know about this blog.

So, you're lucky. The people I love the most don't know about this blog, and I put a lot of time into this blog, but you do. You're special.

If you're new here, then I recommend you check out the following blog posts:

PS. My life is inspired on Gilmore Girls

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