Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Impossibly Hard Unattemptable DIY

How to make coffee.
But not any coffee.
Tastable coffee.
Ungagworthy coffee.
'Cause let's face it. Our society has formed a sort of cult around this beautiful beverage. But it's not like it's yummy. Sure, a Mocha Cookie Frapuccino never hurt anyone but it's not like five year olds cry "I want my espresso and I want it now!" If you're like me, and can't handle anything that will not make your doctor cry tears of desperation, then you have to try this out.

Materials you'll need:
(Forgot to include teaspoon, but that's common sense enough, right?)

The pretty coffee cup is INDISPENSABLE.

1. A little bit o' chocolate milk:
2. A little bit o' hot water:

3. A little bit of coaffee:

4. A little bit o' somethin' sweet tastin':

5. And sip sip with a dainty finger up:

6. Put some in a thermos for later:

7. And add an Oreo to sweeten the deal: (I of course had many more than the pair pictured, and I'm on my "healthy" week.)

Ta-da! Now you can get your butt of my very very absorbing blog and go get yeself some book-diving fun times.

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