Monday, October 15, 2012

Why I Don't Actually Do Much Serious Writing on My Writing Blog

This video illustrates to perfection how I feel about my writing.

Okay, I don't write a lot. I write in my diary almost every day, and I ocassionally spin a joke on this blog, but as in "narrative writing," I like to sniff and say "I have little time for what I would like to do."

I wrote a short novel a while ago, but I'm still not satisfied. I have a decent collection of short stories swimming through my computer's memory disk. And although I love the internet, and although the internet has many lovely things about it, it can also be a dark, scary place full of Frodo-like people that will steal my precious.

What I want to do with my blog is not share my creations, but to share the experience of becoming an author with people and with myself, to make it more real and more fun. (Although if I really wanted to make it more fun, I would have written funner, 'cause that's the funnest word in the world.)

Have a nice day!

PS. I just realized that maybe I didn't answer the question in my title, and that's "I do, I just don't show it. Like most naughty and fun things."

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