Saturday, November 3, 2012

17 B4 18

I think I might have grown up too fast. Assumed to many responsibilities at a young age, done things that were not within my age range since I was little. As a matter of fact, I had a raging childhood, where my idea of fun was to walk around imagining things so hard I believed them and then enjoyed an assortment of very very colorful nightmares. (I liked it, but do not recommend it.)

And then I don't know what happened.

I read books like Jane Eyre and Uncle Tom's Cabin in fourth grade, I stayed home Saturday nights knitting and scrapbooking in Middle School, I took too much awareness of important issues. These are all very good things, but they robbed me of a couple of years.

And I am tired of being grown up.

Especially because in one more year, I will be an official grown up. I will be forced to grow up. And I don't accept that.

I want to roll around in the leaves, I want to eat ice cream 'till my brain meets Manny and Cid, I want to giggle at poop jokes, I want to imagine things. I want waste hours trying to paint within the lines and not on painting an ideal self. I want to run and jump without worrying that my knickers will show. I want to do all the silly things that aren't meant for a 17 year old, but were meant for the 7 year old me that was too busy becoming aware of the world to be a child.

The list of 17 things is initially but not reserved to:

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Send a letter to an author
  3. Climb a hill/fly a kite (because I wanted to do both but had already listed 17 things)
  4. Read YA and children's books 
  5. Take pictures with a disposable camera
  6. Kiddy art project
  7. Leave secret notes
  8. Collect stickers
  9. Sky gaze
  10. Ice/Roller Skate
  11. Pijama party!!
  12. Give an unexpected gift
  13. Try a new fun sport!
  14. Paint a mural
  15. Explore a common new place
  16. Take a younger cousin out for ice cream
  17. Eat a whole pizza by myself :)

This was the list before I changed it:

I'm exited! I'm thinking that if I complete this list within 6 month's time (April), I can make a list of another 17 things!

Yay. I'm already making a good start because I'm exited like a kid on his/her birthday by this!

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  1. This looks like a great list! I really wish I did more young stuff as a teenager so good luck! I hope you manage to do them all :-)


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