Friday, November 16, 2012

Israel Is Real

People, please stay informed. Israel is a beautiful country and it reserves itself the right that every country has to defend itself against terrorist organizations. Please do not be fooled by the media, there are two sides to every story. Every human life taken is a tragedy, but martyrdom will not be the key to end the tragedy. Please keep a watchful eye to any hateful or extremely subjective media or comments. If you have any questions about the conflict, I can try to answer them in the comments (I am moderately informed) as truthfully as I possibly can. All my prayers are headed to Jerusalem, Israel, and Gaza, where innocent civilians are living under the tension of a war that they have not created and are only victims of.


  1. I'm totally with you. I was with my friend and her mom the other day, and we were talking about Israel. My friend was like "I thought Israel was just a giant desert." She had no idea that there were cities. Cities with SKYSCRAPERS. and towns and villages with actual people and families living in them. Her mom also had no idea.
    *shakes fist at sky* How do you not know?!?

  2. I always try to understand both point of you. You are absolutely right. I believe that stand completely in one way or another is always wrong and contrerproductive.


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