Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writer Friends

I'm blogging from an iPad. It feels infinitely weird. I need physical confirmation that I am actually doing something when I write, the scratch of a pencil or clatter of a keyboard. To lack that is unnatural.

Anyways, I wanted to share a quick word about an experience I had recently. I've met many people who "like to write" throughout my lifetime, the kind that enjoy books and are attached to their diaries and such. But I had not ever met anyone, much less befriended anyone, who felt like writing was the thing that they were put on this miserable Earth to do. (I wrote miserable Earth because it sounded poetic, not because I actually believe it. At all!)

It was wonderful. I learnt so much from him, even though I despise him in some ways and basically only share our love for reading, writing, and solitude with him. A gift, to know that I can share with someone who might not understand but who will approach what you are talking about from the same place. Nothing guarantees me that we will remain friends, but I will do my best, because when life gives you gift, as with anyone else, it is unpolite to decline it.

I invite you to! Find someone who really shares your passion! They don't even have to be your friend, just companion will do.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Summer is Like

Photo from Weheartit
Is it strange for a teenager to want her summer to look like this?

Do you have summer reading? Or, if a northern, what did you read during the summer?

Monday, December 24, 2012

I was Travelling for a Month

Hello blog.

This little piece of the internet has been sweetly abandoned for the past month, as my stats kindly remind me. I hinted before leaving that this could happen, because I would be part of an intense study trip. I knew that I had to sort of expect the abandonment, however, I had also foreseen more scheduled posts, and more impromptu posts from my iPhone. It was impossible. Either time or lack of concentration worked in my disfavour.

So here I am, a month later, apologizing to my few blog readers, hoping that they're still there. But if not, so be it. I have realized after many blogs and many years of blogging that the real blogging, the good one that will last throughout stats and throughout nasty anonymous comments, you do for yourself.

This, my friends, is the type of philosophia that I cultivated during the last month.

Dear reader (but I like to think that you all know this, as I have a particularly smart set of blog readers): Travel. I am not saying that all trips will lead you back home as a new person, but the occasional one will. This one was it for me.

This wasn't an easy year for me. In the words of a great Uruguayan poet (the musician Jorge Drexler), it was the "age in which certainties expired." I went through a lot of very personal problems that I didn't share with a soul, and the experience left me drained and cold. And one of the greatest things in life is passion.

That, in fact, is another bit of philosophy cultivated. But it is mine. "Do not do anything if not passsionately." Why is it mine? Because you might not believe in it, and that is fine.

I am not going to go on until the end of the internet, or until Blogger kicks me out, with my bits of thoughts collected throughout a month of travelling. I could. ("Reserve time only for those who will give you back something more valuable than that, which is called the scarcest good in the world.") This is not what I want to do, because I wouldn't read something like that. After all, we all have our own ways of thinking, and only we can change them. Hopefully with a trusty guide. (Maybe this is why feminism has so much trouble. How can we define a healthy feminism? Maybe the true feminism is the one that just lets her be, but gives her the knowledge that she can be whatever she wants to within that "let her be" status.)

In effect, this month was probably the most important of my life up to date. I learned infinite things about life, and about the world. I do not regret a single thing I did. Travelling, therefore, changed my life. It renewed me, and it has made me glad that the last year happened because it has left me ready for all the years to come. Now all that is left to do is to take all this material, and turn it into something in the future.


PS. I am still travelling, teehee. But in a much more calm part of my trip. Hopefully I'll find a way to post sometimes.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Travel Notebook: NYC

One of my favorite experiences with travel notebooking was my trip to NYC. I honestly believe that the more fun that you're having on your trip, the more that you'll want to notebook it up. This trip was amazing, and I like the results a lot. Unfortunately, lots of the pages were text heavy and with a lot of stream of consciousness writing, which I love to reread, but would hate to share. So there, I said it!

Have a nice day!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Quotebook

Quotebook... Like Facebook, but better.

Here are some of my favorite entries:

One of my favorite poems, ever.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Greetings December

Greetings December. To the start of summertime. To not being in my home town. To traveling from one end of the globe to another. To discovering, asking, and exploring the world and myself. Greetings December, greetings. You have a lot to offer.
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