Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writer Friends

I'm blogging from an iPad. It feels infinitely weird. I need physical confirmation that I am actually doing something when I write, the scratch of a pencil or clatter of a keyboard. To lack that is unnatural.

Anyways, I wanted to share a quick word about an experience I had recently. I've met many people who "like to write" throughout my lifetime, the kind that enjoy books and are attached to their diaries and such. But I had not ever met anyone, much less befriended anyone, who felt like writing was the thing that they were put on this miserable Earth to do. (I wrote miserable Earth because it sounded poetic, not because I actually believe it. At all!)

It was wonderful. I learnt so much from him, even though I despise him in some ways and basically only share our love for reading, writing, and solitude with him. A gift, to know that I can share with someone who might not understand but who will approach what you are talking about from the same place. Nothing guarantees me that we will remain friends, but I will do my best, because when life gives you gift, as with anyone else, it is unpolite to decline it.

I invite you to! Find someone who really shares your passion! They don't even have to be your friend, just companion will do.

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  1. This is awesome! I don't really have "writer friends", which is making me kind of sad right now, because I just realized that none of my friends really like writing in the way that I love it. But I love the idea of finding a companion who shares your passion.


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