Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jerusalem 4

I can't believe it's been about a month and a half since it all ended. This was by far the best trip of my life, and even though nostalgia has had me reminiscing over the memories several times a day for the last month (and a half), I still feel that it was such, such a long time ago. And worse still! That some of the memories are fading away...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Santiago

My parents couldn't understand why I was so determined to leave our beach house on Sunday to return to the city. Maybe all of those that live in big cities comprehend that our hometowns during the summer are not all the same place that they are during the rest of the year.

Santiago during the summer is a bustling city, but it bustles calmly. People move from place to place and have a million things to do, but they do it all with a smile, they stop to chat, they want to partake in fun activities, and all of this is done walking or bycicling or by public transportation. I couldn't resist Santiago during the summer, especially when I've been here to enjoy it so little.

It was a wonderful day. I bought a folk music CD, went to develop my disposable camera's film, went to an antiques fair downtown and bought three books. I then spent time roaming through bookstores and curiosity stores, all this while drinking iced tea and smiling.

I bought my mom and sister's birthday presents. The dude that sold me my sister's present was almost impossibly nice, so I felt I had to compliment him in some way, and I did, I told him that I liked his shirt. He told me it was from the movie Mysterious Skins, and that Joseph Gordon Levitt acted in it, so apparently I have to see it.

Nice day.

PS. I couldn't finish this post without adding a touch of "omg I'm a teenage angst arghhh" so I want to share a tiny thought that has been pecking at me for a while. Although I dwell in solitude with joy, I sometimes wonder, but only wonder, what it would be like to have, you know, that special somebody, the one whom I could buy antiques or used books for, and they can either like them or have to pretend to do so. (It seems inappropriate to buy unexpected gifts for friends.) Or, you know, that special somebody to stroll the streets with, to get lost with, to share a coffee with or to sit at a café and just watch the hours go by. I know I'm idealizing it all, I know that Tumblr is full of this kind of annoying shit, but it wouldn't be so annoying to have these thoughts cross my mind if it weren't because I wandered the streets in the insane wish that maybe I would cross paths with him. Stupid boy, why can't he just make things work out? It's so simple! If only I weren't so awkward, maybe.

PPS. I promise I will never again write a post scriptum that long.

PPPS. I have decided that next summer I will work at a bookstore. Ah, the charm of the thought!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valparaíso: Going to Paradise

My friend Debs admiring Valparaíso

In case the title of this post wasn't subtle enough, Valparaíso in Chilean Spanish means "Going to Paradise" and that is exactly what we did. Because Valparaíso is also the the name of a very picturesque city right next to Viña del Mar (where Debs and I went to the Manuel García concert.)

If I had to describe Valparaíso in a phrase I would say San Francisco meets favella meets Dr. Seuss meets poetry meets street art.

 Unfortunately, it wasn't the most splendid day to explore this city. Fortunately, Debs and I both are sporty kiddos that have the cardiovascular and muscular endurance which are prerequisites of walking -climbing- through the streets of Goin'toparadise.

Pablo Neruda loved Valparaíso. Sailors have loved Valparaíso. Musicians have loved Valparaíso. Artists have loved Valparaíso. Lovers have loved Valparaíso and loved in Valparaíso. 

How to say swallow (as in, the bird) in 10 different languages. The types of street art you can find in this bay city.

"Why do, when feeling yellow, the leaves commit suicide?"

Have a nice day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Manuel García

I scarcely ever write or showcase on this blog what is my everyday environment, Chile. It is partly due to the fact that I have been traveling all over the place for the last few months, but now that I'm back here (and to stay!) it's time to start. After all, living in a place like Chile -one thus gifted with a culture rich in music, poetry, and humanity- is a gift, and it would be a pity that I didn't share it with others.

Anyways, the thought is only a preface to what this post is really about. Last Friday, I went to a concert! Yayy! Hurrah!! (Any concert has to be celebrated by exclamations of happiness such as those, of course.) The singer was Manuel García, and it wasn't in Santiago, the city where I live, but in Viña del Mar, a city next to the sea side, about an hour and a half away in which I, along with millions of other people, spend our vacations. (Viña is Spanish for vineyard, which Chile has a lot of, and del Mar means "of the sea.")

I like Manuel García because he is somewhat the epitome of the traditional Chilean musician. In general, Chilean musicians play folk music, are very socially conscious, and do not like to be put in the spotlight of fame. There are, of course, many exceptions to these rules, but Manuel García, along with the other guest musicians at Friday's concert (Eduardo Gatti, Chinoy, Gepe), are not one of them.

I didn't love Manuel's new album, but that's okay, because his old songs are really great:

After the concert, my friend, Debbie, and I, roamed through nighttime Viña. We gasped at the huge waves, observed the night life of the city, and smiled farewell at Deb's eighteenth birthday.

Anyways, if you are interested in more Chilean music I would be glad to make an 8tracks playlist, just leave a comment! :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Greetings, Earthlings

A picture of my sister and I on our recent trip to Tahiti

Today I'm going to have a road trip, going to a concert, and tomorrow I'll be satisfying some wanderlust with a friend of mine. Tune in on Sunday (or Monday) to see how things went.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Summer

This summer has been weird (an amazing weird, though) because I've travelled so much. So I have few "summery" pictures in my posession. Here are some from last year.

Because I am a challenge lover (not necessarily a challenge completer) I challenge myself to take at least 10 pictures a day for the following week. I should have at least 70 pictures by the end. Now, the question is whether to start today or tommorow, hmm...
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