Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Summer

This summer has been weird (an amazing weird, though) because I've travelled so much. So I have few "summery" pictures in my posession. Here are some from last year.

Because I am a challenge lover (not necessarily a challenge completer) I challenge myself to take at least 10 pictures a day for the following week. I should have at least 70 pictures by the end. Now, the question is whether to start today or tommorow, hmm...


  1. this is lovely, it makes me miss the summer :3 i love your blog


  2. stumbled across your blog today...such beautiful pictures! and you live in chile?! that's so neat! half of my family is chilean...I've never been, but my middle name (cisternas) is a name from my family over there and I feel blessed to be a little part of such a great country. <3

  3. you look like you had an awesome summer! so much more fun than i had!And, thank you for my comments, they made my day! :D


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