Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Santiago

My parents couldn't understand why I was so determined to leave our beach house on Sunday to return to the city. Maybe all of those that live in big cities comprehend that our hometowns during the summer are not all the same place that they are during the rest of the year.

Santiago during the summer is a bustling city, but it bustles calmly. People move from place to place and have a million things to do, but they do it all with a smile, they stop to chat, they want to partake in fun activities, and all of this is done walking or bycicling or by public transportation. I couldn't resist Santiago during the summer, especially when I've been here to enjoy it so little.

It was a wonderful day. I bought a folk music CD, went to develop my disposable camera's film, went to an antiques fair downtown and bought three books. I then spent time roaming through bookstores and curiosity stores, all this while drinking iced tea and smiling.

I bought my mom and sister's birthday presents. The dude that sold me my sister's present was almost impossibly nice, so I felt I had to compliment him in some way, and I did, I told him that I liked his shirt. He told me it was from the movie Mysterious Skins, and that Joseph Gordon Levitt acted in it, so apparently I have to see it.

Nice day.

PS. I couldn't finish this post without adding a touch of "omg I'm a teenage angst arghhh" so I want to share a tiny thought that has been pecking at me for a while. Although I dwell in solitude with joy, I sometimes wonder, but only wonder, what it would be like to have, you know, that special somebody, the one whom I could buy antiques or used books for, and they can either like them or have to pretend to do so. (It seems inappropriate to buy unexpected gifts for friends.) Or, you know, that special somebody to stroll the streets with, to get lost with, to share a coffee with or to sit at a café and just watch the hours go by. I know I'm idealizing it all, I know that Tumblr is full of this kind of annoying shit, but it wouldn't be so annoying to have these thoughts cross my mind if it weren't because I wandered the streets in the insane wish that maybe I would cross paths with him. Stupid boy, why can't he just make things work out? It's so simple! If only I weren't so awkward, maybe.

PPS. I promise I will never again write a post scriptum that long.

PPPS. I have decided that next summer I will work at a bookstore. Ah, the charm of the thought!


  1. Hey, I just wanted to stop by to say that I just discovered your blog and I really like it, it's really cute, and I love the pictures, I followed you. I'm new to the all blospot thingy (just opened two blog and started one of them) and I love discovering blog like yours, it feels like I'm sucked into your universe when I arrive on your page ! Anyway I'm rambling ! Have a great day xx

  2. Those pictures are really nice! Also about that last bit, I completely agree with you. Sometimes I think about it too much that I'm starting to believe that I will live my whole life being alone. But then I think I don't need someone to make me happy, I can be independent! But then I go back to square one and painfully hope for that someone. Sigh


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