Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valparaíso: Going to Paradise

My friend Debs admiring Valparaíso

In case the title of this post wasn't subtle enough, Valparaíso in Chilean Spanish means "Going to Paradise" and that is exactly what we did. Because Valparaíso is also the the name of a very picturesque city right next to Viña del Mar (where Debs and I went to the Manuel García concert.)

If I had to describe Valparaíso in a phrase I would say San Francisco meets favella meets Dr. Seuss meets poetry meets street art.

 Unfortunately, it wasn't the most splendid day to explore this city. Fortunately, Debs and I both are sporty kiddos that have the cardiovascular and muscular endurance which are prerequisites of walking -climbing- through the streets of Goin'toparadise.

Pablo Neruda loved Valparaíso. Sailors have loved Valparaíso. Musicians have loved Valparaíso. Artists have loved Valparaíso. Lovers have loved Valparaíso and loved in Valparaíso. 

How to say swallow (as in, the bird) in 10 different languages. The types of street art you can find in this bay city.

"Why do, when feeling yellow, the leaves commit suicide?"

Have a nice day!

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