Monday, February 18, 2013

Pictures with a Disposable Camera: Check (Part 1)

In case you don't remember my 17 b4 18 bucket list -you know, the one written in crayon, the one full of childish activities to complete, the one done on my seventeenth birthday to be completed before my eighteenth one- click HERE and you can read all about it.

One of the activities I was most exited about was #5: Taking pictures with a disposable camera. Halcyon! (I'm pretty sure I'm not using the word correctly.) It was wonderful.

Part 1of sharing these pictures will be titled:


These were all taken on a summer evening with a group of beloved friends. We had fun. Unfortunately, many of the pictures we took did not develop :( Oh well, it's part of the PERILOUS UNPREDICTABILITY of using a disposable camera. Oh, yes, I'm a dare-devil.

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