Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recent Goodreads Love

Not to be humble or anything, but I think I'm getting better at the awkwardness that is reviewing books on Goodreads. Here are recent reviews that I feel sort of proud of:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Pat pat on the back for me, for having finished this book so quickly.

But then, the merit is not mine.

The merit is Ishiguro's, because he wrote a book in which not much happens, yet nevertheless you will risk the wrath of Mommy by getting ten minutes late to dinner because you simply could not put the book down. The perfect characters, and the perfect way that the story unfolds leaves the reader satisfied, yet not bloated. (I admit to preferring the bloating kind of meal, for example, I am a fan of Gone with the Wind and Jane Eyre and all those melodramas.)

Therefore, pat pat on the back for you, Mr. Ishiguro.

PS. I find myself infected by the butler's fine manner of writing. Noice.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
When I read it for the first time, A Tale of Love and Darkness was consecrated and declared my favorite book. This, being the second time through with this book, was a little different. There weren't many surprises, as I knew what to expect. It would be wonderful to go back to the moment in which I had never read this book, and start it all over again! Especially because in that first moment, I read it in Jerusalem, and the cafés and streets Amos Oz wrote about where the cafés and streets I was roaming.

Anyways. This book is a gem, and it breathes. It's a gem that breathes! Now, that is something unique. I have never seen a diamond or a ruby that has lungs, but this book is a gem, and it breathes, and if that does not captivate your fancy, then I don't know what will. Maybe this book will. Read it.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I actually feel the ball of guilt in my stomach. What kind of an atrocious reader am I, that my most beloved English teacher's favorite book, that the book with such great recommendations on Goodreads and, fine, EVERYWHERE, could simply not finish Midnight's Children?

That's not even the worse part. I only had 50 pages to go.

And I should be brave! I should be strong-minded and full of pride that I dare to challenge the fandom of Salman Rushdie! But I'm not only struck my deep literary remorse, but also a sort of confusion. This book was boring.

Fine, sure, whatever, Rushdie is a master story-teller. But what is the use of being a master story teller if there is NO STORY TO TELL! I told my sister, an avid non-reader, "you know, it is thanks to books like this that I understand people that don't enjoy reading. This book cheated me. It did! This book cheated me so hard that Tiger Wood's wife would tell me that she was sorry for me. You see, I read the first 100 pages and thought that the book was magnificent. The next 100 pages were not quite as great, but still quite good. And then it started working its tricky ways. The following 100 pages were nothing special, but it was like "heck, it obviously picks up after this, it's just a dry spell. But wait, no, 100 pages later, and it's worse, and I'd rather be reading my math textbook than Midnight's Children. But I've already read 400 pages! How can I NOT continue? I tell you, this book cheated me."

It wasn't the most boring book in the world, but, honestly, there are so many others out there, that it was just no use to continue with this little bugger. The worse part is, I should feel liberated, but I don't. I just hope that the guilt doesn't lead me into trying to finish the last 50 pages. Guilt > Torture.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Things that Rookie did for MY LIFE:

 *Make my time at the toilet much more fun.
 *Make of me a solid feminist with solid arguments. (I used to be just a quiet voice for equality. It sounds counterproductive, as if Rookie made of me one of those "ew boys suck" fourth graders, but what I really mean is that I now know things about women's situations that I wasn't previously aware about, such as our increased vulnerability to sexual harassment, the way many times many people judge women more violently -with exceptions, obviously- and how to embrace self confidence not only for ourselves, but for others too.)
 *My Goodreads "to read" list and "Movies To Watch" list have grown twice in size.
 *I currently do not aprecciate a sundae if in a bowl.
 *I have stopped squandering my allowance on stupid things like Seventeen and makeup to usefully spend it on very valuable art supplies and used clothes.
 *I don't have time for my homework anymore. Sorry, got more important things to do. Like DIYs. (I'm sort of kidding.)
 *A lot of other very life changing things that I can't remember right now.

I must add that I read this (the best teenage girl oriented magazine in the world) super rushed because I have to lend it to this friend, and that other friend, but, oh, wouldn't that one other friend love it? Anyways, I have to start getting more and more people hooked on Rookie. It's my way of changing the world, I guess.

EDITED TO ADD: Because Rookies are awesome, and we want to share that awesomeness through our passion for books, I created a Goodreads group that concentrates on reading stuff that was recommended on our favorite online magazine. Check it out:

Have a nice day, and happy reading!


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