Sunday, March 24, 2013

17 B4 18 #3.5: Climb a hill

Mission Number 3.5 on my 17 B4 18 list: Climb, or hike, up a hill.

The Cerro Manquehue (literally Manquehue Hill, although I have the faint impression that it's a volcano. Wait no, I was on top of that thang and it had no crater. Ignore my rambling, then.) is an iconic Santiaguinian landmark which can be seen from most of the city. It has become popular over the last year or so as a fun way to do some exercise and gain attractive war marks on your feet. It is not as easy a feat as it looks:

With a group of 20 or so friends, we started at 11 am and finished around 3 pm (that is, climbing and then descending.) It was a fun experience, and I really like these alternative methods of exercising. And I really don't know much about what to write because part of me wants to moan for three consecutive paragraphs about it all and the other part of me wants to cheer all aspiring hikers on. It really is a lot of fun. I just wish we had taken a picnic to the top.

I'm thinking that the greatest part about partaking in an activity such as hiking is that it involves getting out on your feet and hands to just survive and go on. I wish there were more opportunities of doing things like this where you broaden your field of "been there, done that." I love going out and seeing the world, be it on top of a hill, on a cement sidewalk, on a rocking boat, or in a speeding car. But the "hands on" experiences are my favorite: when you really get yourself dirty to get to know your environment.

Anyways, it was wonderful to get back in touch with nature. I think I'll be doing this again sometime. But I am fo' sho' taking a picnic blanket and a few if not more packs of Oreos.

PS. The best part was getting home to this:

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