Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dream Jobs

I am so proud of this picture. And I'm so glad that my "17 B4 18" project led me to disposable cameras.
In an ideal world (for me, at least), one wouldn't have to study two million years to have a dignified profession and a comfortable income. I tell myself that it is necessary that I have a nice income, so that, were I to have children someday, they can attend a good school. (In Chile education is a costly thing.) For what, though? To have a good income too?

(Understand, I am not just a true believer but an advocater of the power of culture and education, yet that is not the point.)

The point is: Studying and paying to study architecture (for example), the monstrous amount of hard work put into that degree, sort of binds you into being an architect. Which is fine, if that is your passion, but most people study for careers that they just chose in an elimination process, find themselves in a profession they were forced to choose at 18, and then have to work and excel in that career for the next 30-something years!

There are many problems in this situation, but one that bothers me especially is that there are so many options.

I have a list of dream jobs, some, of course, more realistic than others. But what I'm most afraid of when it comes to choose what I will study is that it will delimitate my future options.

I want to write, write, write, and lead the life of an author. But I would also like to work in a bookstore someday. And to be a teacher. I want to learn what being a waitress is like, and I want to help create or do something that helps people. I would love to dabble in astronomy and physics. And what about medicine? Being a tour-guide sounds amazing, working at a museum too, and there are so many visual art options that appeal to me!
And, above all, wouldn't it be beautiful to remain satisfied with a simple little job instead of being in a constant hunger for escalation?

The world is full of so many interesting options, it's almost cruel to choose just one!

But then, I secretly believe, that with passion and hard work one can do anything that one proposes themselves. Really anything. Maybe I will be many anythings.

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  1. :O have the exact same problem of what to do with my life!!! even though I'm already on a degree, I have this year to switch, but I picked fine art cause someone once said that its like the most versatile or something, that you can do anything with one of those, like arts related like writing or even looking at science , but through art, or beauty fashion ect... :S



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