Monday, April 1, 2013

Greetings April!

Some weird machination of fate predetermines that I always have dirty nails when I take a picture of my hands. I wish I could say that those are not the normal circumstances.

Greetings to Poetry and Book Month. Greetings to red and orange and yellow leaves. To afternoon walks home, with the sun setting before me and the leaves crunching below. Greetings to second chances, to studying more, to letting go off resentment. Greetings to coffee and tea. Greetings to scarves. Learning a lot, trying to stress the minimum. Greetings to Lollapalooza! And to quiet afternoons wrapped up in shawls and books. Greetings to trying to be happy again, one step at a time.

March wasn't easy for me. I struggled, not with going back to routine, but with what that routine implied. Too many unforeseen problems and few already foreshadowed. I'm not exactly sure how April is going to be better but it will. Because it's the start of autumn, my favorite time of the year. Because I will live more carefree, play more, worry less, smile more. I need to prepare for the winter!! Save up all the good feelings I can gather before the bare branches and gray skies hit.

I can do this.

Greetings to you, April.

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