Sunday, March 10, 2013

Real Life Tumblr Pt.1

Most of us angst-ridden teenagers outpour (or exacerbate) our restlessness and CARPEDIEMYOLOFUNLIFEOMG with a magical thing called Tumblr. The only problem I have with Tumblr is that I find so many cool things on it which eventually get buried underneath more cool things into an eternal archive of cool things. I don't want them to die like that! So I thought of a couple of ways to make use of the beaut pictures:

1) Print them on sticker paper, and make stickers!! (I printed mine quickly using iPhoto's "Contact Sheet" option.) I pasted mine on my guitar (a work in progress that I will someday share) but you can paste them anywhere.

2) Make a bookmark (I made mine as a gift for my Mom on her birthday.)

3) Make a card (this one I made for my sister on her birthday)

4) Decorate your room! Make a real-live Tumblr Board! Mine is currently a horrible thing but I will make it look pretty enough in due time.

PS. Just in case you were wondering, my tumblr adress is
PPS. This is only part one! I will post a second part to this with more ideas of what you can do with Tumblr pictures.


  1. Very inspiring, I love the idea of a real life tumblr, and the guitar here is so beautiful, I wish I had more time to do collages, cause I really love them !

    Charlie xoxo

  2. this post is lovely! I have been making "tumblr books" for years.

    everything you made looks amazing!


  3. This is very creative! I love the sticker idea.


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