Monday, March 25, 2013

To Get My Sister into Reading

My sister doesn't read. She isn't like my brother, who ocassionally finishes a book that suited him. She isn't like me, an anxious reader who doesn't feel quite right if not in the middle of a book. She is herself, and she couldn't even finish the first Harry Potter. And, yes, I know that this is a sin.

But I gave her Paper Towns, and she seems interested, and I am infinitely hopeful. Maybe, just maybe, if I give her all the right books and badger her enough, maybe she will like reading.

But, of course, I need a plan. Things don't work if you don't have a plan. (Can you tell that I recently read Paper Towns and am sort of fascinated by Margo Roth Spiegelman?)


  1. Give her Paper Towns. Because it's impossible not to love Paper Towns.
  2. Make her read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
  3. Make her read The Fault in our Stars
  4. Find Twilight somewhere and make her read it too (okay, listen, before you go ahead an click "unfollow blog", let me be clear. I'm not a particular fan of Twilight, but if it was the phenomenon that it was, it must at least get my sister reading.)
  5. Hand over Looking for Alaska
  6. Maybe I'm being too hopeful but... Harry Potter? Please? And then maybe we can replenish the collection that my brother mutilated. 

I don't lose anything by hoping. I will get my beautiful sister to read.


  1. Ah don't worry my niece used to hate reading, and now she reads any book she can get her hands on, she probably is catching up on all she missed as a child haha !

    Charlie xoxo

  2. I love th pictures, and I sincerely hope that your sister starts reading soon. Reading like crazy.

  3. how old is she? because maybe twilight, looking for alaska and the sisterhood of the travelling pants are a little grown up for her... i would suggest easier reads such as maximum ride and all american girl. these are two books that are brilliant for the 9-13 group. :) hope i've helped a little, & i also hope she'll fall in love with books soon enough!


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