Friday, April 12, 2013

Lollapalooza 2013 in 20 Points

While the civilized world enjoys Coachella, I relive my pretty and cute Lollapalooza moments. Which is fine by me, because I feel like no Coachella can deal with MY Lolla! 'Tis the merriest time of year.

If I could summarize Lollapalooza 2013 in 20 points, what would I say?

  1. I took a brand new disposable camera, so I had 30 potential amazing pictures to take. On Sunday afternoon, 25 pictures down the line, I looked for my camera to take a picture of the sunset against Franz Ferdinand, and realized that my camera had dissappeared. My only hope is that whoever finds it will have the brilliance to develop my precious moments, and treasure them as snapshots of insight into a stranger's life. For now, I only have pictures of the festival taken from a friend's point-and-shoot, pictures such as this:
  2. I am in love with Of Monsters and Men. (I'm 17, okay? I'm allowed to express deep feelings for yet another band.) The lead female singer is gorgeous and cute and the lead male singer is adorable. Their interaction with the public was fantastic. I used to like their music. Now I sorta need it, especially on bad days.
  3. The last concert on the last day: The Black Keys. My best friend and I were the only ones who cared to see this Great. So we left all the rest of the techno lovers (boo for them), and ran to a crowd of thousands and thousands of people, pushing our way through. WE GOT TO THE FRONT LINE. That's a lot of pushing. (And a lot of love.) I took this picture on Instagram:
    I found this picture on Tumblr, but it was actually taken at this Lollapalooza.

    By the way, I'm never marrying if I'm not marrying Nick McCarthy.
  5. I lost the half of my group of friends that wanted to see Franz Ferdinand just like four minutes before the show, so I went ALONE. Alone yet surrounded by thousands and thousands and thousands of people. AND IT WAS WORTH IT. By far my favorite show. My feet still hurt from all that dancing and my throat's still sore from all that singing/shouting. And it is worth it.
  6. There was this point during the Ferdinand show, where they ALL started playing the drum set. It was magic, I'm telling you. Magic. (I normally say these angsty phrases with a sarcastic undertone but this one has none. It really was magic. Especially Nick Mccarthy. God, that's what he is. A black haired, guitar playing, sexy god.)
  7. Mosh pits? Are fun ways to get the bruises that complete your Outsiders outfit.
  9. I felt sweaty all day, and suspect that only 26% of that sweat was actually mine.
  10. I wanted to see The Temper Trap and saw Two Door Cinema Club instead. Which was fine. 'Cuz it was intense. Yup.
  11. Were any shows boring at all, you ask? Well, I don't like Passion Pit's music, so that was meh. And I'm not a huge fan of techno, so Deadmau5 was also meh. All the other shows were amayzin.
  12. We were walking away from the fireworks that closed the festival on Sunday when I met a cousin of mine and he offered to take me home. Sweet.
  13. I can't believe I'm having trouble getting to point 20.
  14. People watching is more fun at music festivals (or, at least, at Lollapalooza. Only festival I've been to) than anywhere else. Such a variety of people, all dressed their best but as comfortable as possible. Everybody wants to go, and even though for Chile these events' "everybody" still means "high middle class and upwards at most" I still felt a bit of social ventilation occurring. We all had someone completely different from us pressed (with the might of an incredibly big, fan-frenzied crowd) against us, for the sake of music. More than a hundred thousand people, all different from us.
  15. I'm really pissed about not getting to see Kaiser Chiefs. I am The Angry Mob. And I am only one person. That's how angry I am.
  16. Okay, let's leave it at 19 okay? I really did have a great time. Blame this lack of memory on something else ;)

Have a nice day because I love you because you read my blog,

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