Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lollapalooza Preparation Week #1

Please note: This pictures were taken back in the olden age of 2011, and with the crappiest camera ever. I like them, I like the sort of film-ish and olden view that it gives them. But that's because I'm a hipster. There, I said it, whatever.

This week is going to  be Lollapalooza Preparation Week because in only five short days it will be Lollapalooza and this is probably one of my favorite parts of every year.

My first Lollapalooza was by far the best. (But then, I've only been to two.) I saw The Killers and James and The National and Empire of the Sun, and I saw Chilean singers such as Francisca Valenzuela and Los Bunkers, and I also just wandered around. It has been one of the best days of my life (definetely makes the Top 50 list), and it was better than last year's Lollapalooza because I went with my friend Debs, who has pretty similar music taste to mine, and because it was the first time that the festival happened in Chile, there were at least half the people that went last year.

It was wonderful.

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