Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things I'm Going to Do When on Holidays

Hey Bloggers from the Northern Hemisphere.

I hate you.

You are frolicking in the sun and cloud-gazing on the grass with naked feet and I'M STUDYING MAPS AND MEMORIZING LATITUDES AND READINGRESEARCHINGREALLYNERVOUS. Like "okay, I just got diarrhea." That's how nervous I am.

But, alas, Winter Holidays are not that far away. They're close enough for me to get distracted from the maps and the textbooks. I'm already day dreaming. I already have a to-do list. You know, the kind you do when you should totally be studying.

I wanna:

  1. Read tons of Inconnu posts
  2. Read tons of Rookie posts
  3. Research a lot about feminism
  4. Watch a lot of Youtube from my favorite vloggers.
  5. Read a lot. I've got a book on Kabbalah, Doctor Zhivago, poems and short stories a-waiting for me.
  6. Take a road trip to the coast with my bff, and take lots of pictures with a disposable camera so that, oh yeah, I CAN GET BACK TO BLOGGING. (I'm sorry about the amount of caps lock, I'm just hysterical this time of year.)
  7. Interview my almost 100 year old grandma for the Roots project.
  8. Get back in shape. Really.
  9. Write a lot. I haven't written seriously for a while.
That's it for today. Were a future editor to read this post, I would never, ever get published. The only excuse I can use for my lack of grammar and of vocabulary diversity is hysterics. I'm a hysterical person, man. Who do editors think they are anyways?

Have a nice day and enjoy your naked feet-ness,


  1. Well, I'm from the Northern Hemisphere but I have university exams until mid July so... I consider myself out of your hatred!
    I love your t-shirt!!!

  2. Have you winter nd not summer?! Here (Germany) are 36°Celsius!!!

  3. ahhhh i love your frida shirt!! so jealous!!!!


  4. To be honest, our summers here in England are not generally designed for naked feet-ness. Think rain.. lots and lots of rain...


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